About us

New Forest Basics Bank is a charity

Registered Number: 1150170

Since starting in 2004 New Forest Basics Bank has:

  • distributed more than 7000 food parcels
  • Covered an area from Fawley to Highcliffe extending to Ringwood and Totton
  • Worked with between 50 and 70 referral agencies each year
  • Continued to offer volunteering opportunities to over 20 people

Oli Stanley was appointed as the new Chairman in 2019

As the recently appointed Chair of the New Forest Basics Bank food bank, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all within our community who have gone over and above the call of duty to help us through the challenges we face ongoing. Without the kindness and generosity of those who donate, we would not be able to assist those across the New Forest who struggle on a daily basis.

This year has been a particularly challenging year as we forged ahead with our planned expansion into new premises in the middle of the Coronavirus crisis. We finally reached our target and pushed the button on the new building, which meant we were able to move i on Good Friday 2020. Local businesses and private individuals have been exceedingly generous with their donations, and the churches across the region have pulled together to helped make it a reality. We remain extremely grateful.

I am blessed with a strong team of trustees and volunteers who carry the same vision of unity and positivity. We exist only to assist those in crisis who have nowhere else to turn. It is important that we get urgent food parcels to the client, and without our team of volunteers we simply wouldn’t be able to do this. Whether it is parcel for a family of 6 or a single person of no fixed abode, we are a dependable charity who can make that difference between survival or abject misery.

We work closely with agencies across the county to ensure those who need assistance receive it, and whilst we would be very  happy if there was no need of a food bank in our society, the facts are there is a great need, and with that situation being as it is, we are lucky that we are able to pull together across all the agencies to find the best way to help those in crisis.

I look forward to another year of working as a team, developing our offering and continuing to work collaboratively with agencies across the board.


Basics Bank is managed by a team of nine trustees, elected by the Members:

  • Chairman: Oliver Stanley
  • Secretary: Andrew Sutherland
  • Treasurer: Anthony Kirke

David da Cunha, Sue Norris, Trina Hart, David Bywater, Charles Cooke-Hurle

Operations Manager

Lynn Peck