About us

New Forest Basics Bank is a charity

Registered Number: 1150170

Since starting in 2004 New Forest Basics Bank has:

  • distributed more than 7000 food parcels
  • Covered an area from Fawley to Highcliffe extending to Ringwood and Totton
  • Worked with between 50 and 70 referral agencies each year
  • Continued to offer volunteering opportunities to over 20 people.

Extracts from the Chairman’s report for the year 2015/16

We are still experiencing similar demands for our services to last year, made worse by the continuing austerity programme and welfare reforms.

In the twelve months we have given 520 parcels assisting 1114 people of which 356 were children. In addition we sent out 330 Christmas parcels for needy people and families. It has also been necessary to also give some discretional grants to help with gas and electricity.

Alongside these parcels we have assisted the two women’s refugees and a youth club.

We are very grateful to the churches and schools who supported us by donating their Harvest Festival gifts and individual supporters who have been very generous throughout the year.

My thanks go to the Trustees, Members, Volunteers, Drivers, Churches and Clubs who support us in so many various ways.

It is your continuing support with donations and service that enables us to run an efficient food bank and meet the needs of our clients.


Basics Bank is managed by a team of eleven trustees, elected by the Members:

  • Chairman: Oliver Stanley
  • Secretary: Donna Moore
  • Treasurer: Anthony Kirke

Andrew Sutherland, David Bywater, David da Cunha, Janet Blizzard,
Sue Norris, Theresa Blake, Trevor Gaught, Trina Hart