New Forest Basics Bank

New Forest Basics Bank was set up in 2004 under Churches Together in Lymington and Pennington.

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How does Basics Bank work?

1. Generous local people donate non-perishable food to Basics Bank

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2. The goods are sorted by volunteers, supplemented with fresh items purchased locally and made up into “parcels”  of sizes designed to feed individuals or families for up to a week at a time

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nfbbsingleContents of “parcel” for one for a week
file-29-10-2016-15-04-48Made up into bags for sending out

3. People who are in need and are referred to us are then given a “parcel”

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They either collect it from us or, more likely, because it consists of several heavy bags, it is delivered free to their home by another team of volunteers.

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The people who qualify for a “Parcel” may be waiting for statutory benefits to be processed or be subject to similar unfortunate circumstances. However, we only provide a temporary stop-gap, limiting the amount to each person.

Occasionally we may be asked to make discretionary grants of small amounts of cash where people cannot afford to feed the meter.